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SwimRun Loch Lomond

Rockman Inch by Inch will be held on Sunday 29th August. We have a limited number of places left now being sold on a first come first served basis HERE


Inch by Inch & smile by smile

The original Loch Lomond SwimRun is back.


Long Course 8km Swim 24km Run – £300

Short Course 3km Swim 12km Run – £160

Short Course SOLO 3km Swim 12km Run – £90

Since 2016 Loch Lomond and its islands (Inches) has been the UKs first and premier location for the awesome sport of SwimRun.

In that time SwimRun Loch Lomond Inch by Inch became the largest SwimRun race in the UK. It’s course in unrivalled in the British Isles. No other single body of water gives so many islands for you to explore, such brutal scenery or such magical beaches.

We know the land, we know the water. We know what you want in a race. We’ve had a couple of years rest, now time to get back racing… with a little help from our friends… the team behind Norway’s iconic RockMan

Long Course Pairs. Short Course Pairs… and something new and exciting. Short course SOLO.

IT’S BACK…With a little help from our RockMan friends…  Loch Lomond SwimRun Inch by Inch… Bigger, better, faster, and more fun than ever.
The bonkers Scandinavian sport of Swimming and running and swimming and running is what it’s all about. 

It is 5 years since we began. The race has had 2 years off. Many many athletes have pestered us to bring it back. It’s a lot of hard work ensure you are safe, so we have joined forces with the team behind Norway’s legendary RockMan SwimRun race.

Lots of swimming and lots of islands to explore on the UK’s biggest body of water.
You will be required on course Sun 30 August. Registration will be held on Saturday 29th August in the afternoon.

Long Course 8km Swim 24km Run – £300

Short Course 3km Swim 12km Run – £160

Short Course SOLO 3km Swim 12km Run – £90